Looking for Anxiety Therapists in Winnipeg?

Feeling stressed out, anxious or worry often? Do you feel hurt or angry about things that happened to you in the past?

You know you’ve been through a lot in your life, even as a kid. You know you should be able to handle things, but things seem to be getting harder. Yet, trying to do it alone isn’t working anymore.

Unresolved emotional wounds like really being hurt by someone who was supposed to care for you can cause a range of problems. When someone you trusted hurt you, this can leave you feeling less able to trust others and the world around you can feel less safe.

That causes anxiety, worry and stress. And that’s exhausting—and it leads to other problems like lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and depression.

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety like feeling on edge, worrying often, and finding it difficult to relax? Do you experience panic attacks—that fill you with overwhelming fear? Are you uncomfortable in large groups and wonder if it’s social anxiety?

What you’re going through is stressful and you want to get control of the anxiety. More than anything you need someone who really knows what it’s like for you, what you need to do to feel less stress, to feel calmer and be in control.

I know how possible it is to reduce anxiety, the steps you need take and how to get results. Along with my training and years of experience helping people like you, I also know what anxiety and panic feel like, and what it’s like to be around a lot of people and feel anxious and want to escape.

When the heart’s pounding, the head’s spining, when it’s hard to focus or think, when it feels overwhelming—I remember what that was like. I get it.

And, I didn’t think there was a way to stop feeling like that, never mind feel calm! But there is. And I want to teach you how you can overcome anxiety.

I’ll help you gain insight and understanding about how anxiety works and how to stop it. I’ll teach you how to work with your thoughts, feeling and body to reduce anxiety. Learn techniques and exercises to lower your stress and create calm.

And learn how your past caused the anxiety in the first place and how to stop the past from affecting you. Learn to create distance from that distressing past. Learn how to weaken it. And quiet it.

Learn ways to feel more calm and confident. Have more energy and motivation. Find more enjoyment in the things you do. Feel closer and more connected to people in your life.

Become more of the person you want to be, and start having the life you really want. Make an appointment now and get started on feeling better about yourself and your life.


If you not sure, get a free 15 minute consultation to see if counselling is right for you.

Past relationships that were hurtful, abusive or neglectful can cause many long-lasting problems, especially when you were younger.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • constantly worried or stressed out
  • racing thoughts
  • unable to focus, easily distracted
  • impatience or irritability
  • difficulty making decisions
  • dread, panic of overwhelmed
  • difficulty trusting
  • intense emotional reactions
  • anger
  • body tension, stiffness, headaches
  • difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night
  • procrastination
  • avoiding and isolating
  • painful childhood memories
  • low self-esteem
  • difficulty communicating what you want or need
  • being hard on yourself

It's normal for anyone to experience some of these feelings on occasion. But if you have any of these symptoms for an extended period of time and they're interfering with you living your life—then you may need to seek help from a qualified therapist. We can help you resolve those problems.

Make an appointment now and get started on feeling better about yourself and your life.