You find yourself stressed out and anxious more often than you’d like. You worry. You feel stressed a lot of the time, and it’s wearing you down.

You tell yourself, ‘I should be able to handle this.’ But trying to do it alone isn’t working anymore.

Are you someone who gets caught up in your thoughts, overthinking things? Do you have episodes where your heart starts pounding, your head’s spinning, and it’s hard to focus? Do you feel overwhelmed at times?

You know that feeling anxious, worrying or having panic attacks is hard to take. Left unchecked, this can lead to other difficulties like relationship problems, poor job performance, exhaustion and low mood.

Our Anxiety Therapists Are Here to Help

We’ll help you understand your anxiety and teach you techniques to reduce your stress and worry. And you’ll learn techniques to feel calmer. That leads to you having more energy and feeling comfortable around others.

But it takes time. Successful clients know it takes time and commitment—and know it’s worth the work. And the skills you gain stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Become a less anxious version of yourself. Make an appointment now and start feeling better about yourself and your life.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

  • feeling irritable, restless

  • feeling tense, agitated

  • sweating

  • trembling

  • dizziness

  • nausea

  • chest pain

  • dizziness, lightheaded

  • tired, exhausted

  • difficulty concentrating

  • trouble sleeping

  • worrying and overthinking

  • finding it difficult to relax

  • feeling overwhelmed at times

  • gastrointestinal problems

  • experiencing panic attacks

  • feeling uncomfortable in large groups

  • avoid being around others

  • avoiding things that trigger anxiety

Seek Help From One of Our Anxiety Therapists in Winnipeg

If you have any of these symptoms of anxiety for an extended period of time and they’re interfering with you living your life, then you may need to seek help from a qualified therapist. Dealing with anxiety doesn’t have to be the norm, our therapists can help you resolve those problems.

Common Types of Anxiety we Treat

Our Approach to Anxiety Therapy

Is There an Effective Treatment for Anxiety?

The short answer is Yes and No!

Therapy can’t get rid of all your anxiety forever. Part of the reason is that anxiety protects us from danger when working correctly. It makes us jump when startled or ready to fight or run when feeling threatened. Anxiety is necessary. There’s a lot more to this complex process, and working with your therapist, you can better understand how your anxiety works and identify the unhelpful anxiety from the helpful anxiety.

Our therapists use various treatment approaches. Standard practices known to be effective include cognitive techniques, mindfulness, mediation, exposure therapy and journaling. Importantly, My Winnipeg Therapist is committed to using the best approaches to help you.

CBT for Anxiety

We use therapy treatments that are backed by research. Research shows that one of the most effective treatments for anxiety is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (link to CBT page). In addition, research demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness and relaxation training.

CBT for Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks and More

Everyone’s experience of anxiety is unique—like a fingerprint. Your therapist works with you to understand how anxiety affects you, whether it’s social anxiety, panic attacks or generalized anxiety. You gain an awareness of your specific thoughts, feelings, and body sensations connected with your anxiety.

You are never forced to use a technique or exercise you don’t want to try. Instead, your therapist works to find methods and skills you can relate to and are interested in trying. It’s your counselling, after all!

One approach, a cognitive strategy, works with thoughts. Anxious thoughts can lead to negative thinking patterns and worrying about things that will never happen. These ‘thinking traps’ trick you into believing that your idea is accurate. Even though these thoughts are not true, they seem very convincing in our heads. And that makes them hard to ignore. Your therapist teaches strategies and techniques to identify, challenge and reduce these thinking traps.

While other strategies address unhelpful thinking patterns, CBT also helps us change unhelpful behaviours. Maybe you feel self-conscious around your friends and end up saying very little. But you later regret being so quiet. There are many activities we can be afraid of doing, and you discover approaches to overcome the fear and become more comfortable. Your therapist can help you learn skills and confidence to engage more successfully with others.

Being anxious drains your energy. Doing the work and going through the therapy steps to reduce your anxiety can make you feel less worried and more confident, less anxious and calmer.

How do I start anxiety counselling in Winnipeg?

If you’re ready to start counselling for anxiety, we’re happy to help you. You can book online, fill out the online form, or call us. Our Client Care Coordinator can answer your questions, see if one of our therapists might be a good fit, or help you start as soon as possible.

Other Services Offered at My Winnipeg Therapist

In addition to counselling for depression, My Winnipeg Therapist also offers a variety of mental health services. Our therapists offer specialized counselling for men and male youth, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment and trauma counselling, and low self-esteem counselling. Contact our Winnipeg counselling clinic today to get the help you need to move forward with confidence.