607, 2021

The Importance of Mental Health Over 50

By |July 6, 2021|Categories: Anxiety, Depression|

Exercising self-care when it comes to your mental health is an imperative part of living a happy, fulfilling life. More and more companies are now recognizing how pivotal it is to offer wellness programs and care for the psychological well-being of their employees. And while mental health manifests [...]

3006, 2021

The Anti-Anxiety Diet: How Food Impacts Your Mental Health

By |June 30, 2021|Categories: Anxiety|

Did you know that recent polls have found that over 41% of Canadians have claimed to struggle with anxiety in their daily lives? Over one-third have been formally diagnosed – making it one of the most common mental illnesses in the country. And since the onset of Covid-19, [...]

906, 2021

Make Your Ordinary Relationship Extraordinary

By |June 9, 2021|Categories: Couples/Marriage|

When people hear the term “couples therapy,” they automatically envision a couple with a tumultuous relationship who requires counseling in order to save their marriage or partnership.    Many couples only resort to therapy as a last-ditch effort to repair issues plaguing their relationship. While marriage counseling is [...]

106, 2021

Depression: Signs, Symptoms, and When to Get Help

By |June 1, 2021|Categories: Depression|

Depression is a disorder that for many can feel overwhelming and impossible to overcome. Depression is the constant feeling of sadness that can start affecting how you act, go about your daily activities, and interact with others. On top of making you feel ambivalent to previous interests and [...]

2705, 2021

When Antidepressants Aren’t Enough

By |May 27, 2021|Categories: Depression|

Experiencing depression can be a debilitating process that can go either untreated or improperly treated. Many people who experience depression leverage the help of a medical professional, who subsequently wind up prescribing them an antidepressant. While antidepressants can help those suffering from depression, treating the ailment sometimes requires [...]

2604, 2021

Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and When to Get Help

By |April 26, 2021|Categories: Anxiety|

Occasional anxiety is something every person encounters from time to time. Whether it’s before a job interview, after receiving some sad news, or in the minutes leading up to a public speaking event, feelings of anxiousness will naturally occur every so often as we navigate our daily lives.  [...]

3103, 2021

Local Winnipeg Counselling – Now Online

By |March 31, 2021|Categories: Anxiety, Couples/Marriage, Depression, General|

Online Counselling Now Available Local to Winnipeg With the shift online during 2020, many industries and services found themselves re-evaluating client needs, best practices, and essential worker safety. The mental health was no different. In fact, the need for accessible and affordable mental health only increased during the [...]

2203, 2021

Looking for a Couples Therapist in Winnipeg? 5 Things To Ask.

By |March 22, 2021|Categories: Couples/Marriage|

There is no shame in admitting when your relationship needs help. Contrary to belief, seeking out a marriage counselor does not mean that your relationship is beyond repair. When two people choose to work on their relationship, they often need professional help to facilitate questions, talk without anger, [...]

712, 2020

Stress vs. Anxiety Disorder: How to Tell the Difference

By |December 7, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Everyone feels stressed out from time to time. But how can you tell whether you’re feeling normal stress, or if you’re already experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder? The two can seem awfully alike especially since they produce a similar set of negative emotions in us. While stress [...]

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