Maybe youre like a lot of us, and you were trying to find an easy solution or hoping for a quick fix, but this big problem just wont go away. You find yourself feeling sad or angry more often than youd like. Sometimes you worry about the future and worry or find yourself in negative thoughts about the past. And your relationship is not where you want it to be.

You live in a complicated world, and there is no clear road map to a stress-free life. Something has led you to consider attending counselling, and for a good reason. Therapists are trained to work through precisely this kind of stuff.  

Its true, contacting us and making that first step and setting up that appointment takes courage, courage to want to make things better for yourself. And its true too, that meeting with a therapist is a big decision that can really change peoples lives for the better when they really want that change.

I get it; its not easy to set up an appointment with a therapist. You might wonder, what should I expect? How can they help me? What do I need to do?I want to assure you that when we meet me for the first time, it will be safe. I am here to listen to you and work with you on what you want and what you need.

And I recognize the valuable life experience you bring to counselling and how what youve been through and where you want to make change guides the counselling process. We will work together collaboratively to reach the goals that you want.

The best part is you do not need to fight this battle and carry this weight alone anymore.

I’ve been told my approach is accepting, friendly, and supportive.But its more than that. You have unique strengths, coping abilities and challenges to overcome. In counselling with me, change starts with a series of small steps. I start by making that first step of coming in for the first session as helpful as I can.


I am a Registered Social Worker with a Maters Degree in Social Work, and I am qualified in counselling. I have training in a variety of therapy modalities. The primary methods that I use are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Mindfulness techniques. My approach to counselling is strengths-based, attachment-based, trauma-informed, and respects cultural diversity.

I have experience helping individuals and families with a wide range of concerns, including trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction, and anger. I will be honoured if you allow me to learn more about your world.

If this approach sounds like a good fit for you, please contact our intake specialist to start the intake process. You can do this by calling (204) 504-6976 or emailing us at