I understand how difficult entering therapy can be. Having been through counselling before, I bet you might feel anxiety, hesitation, or even fear. And you might be wondering, ‘can therapy work for me?’ That’s ok, too. I try to make coming to therapy as easy for you as possible.

I believe in building a trusting and safe therapeutic space. Whether you’re trying to find balance and connection in your relationship with yourself, your partner, or others, we can work together to help you get there. This allows us to start working on the problems right away. That way, you can move forward and thrive.

I’ve supported couples and individuals with some serious struggles, and I’ve witnessed many success stories. I provide marital or relationship counselling and individual counselling. And I work with trauma, anxiety, depression, marital and relationship conflicts, addictions, and self-esteem problems.

My approach is collaborative, we work as equals, and I see you as the expert of your life. That means I’m client-centred, meaning we start where you are with what you need. And as a humanist, I believe in your intrinsic nature to be able to heal and grow.

I have training in several therapeutic methods, and part of my role is to find what works best for you. We’ll work together to figure that out. With cognitive behavioural therapy, we look at identifying unhelpful or self-defeating thoughts and behaviours. And we work on finding more helpful ways of thinking and acting. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy focuses on mindfulness and meditation, and acceptance of ourselves. Solution-focused therapy is good when there is one particular issue to be addressed. But we may also do some family of origin work, looking at your family structure and your place in it. Part of my job is to find out what method or methods work best for you to create an individualized plan that best reflects your unique needs.


You’re a couple struggling to reconnect. You’re trying to heal old emotional wounds. It’s challenging for you both to find balance in your lives together. In either case, I have worked with many relationships as an objective, understanding, therapeutic partner. Most couples regard their relationship with their partner as one of the most essential things in their lives. As a couples therapist, I truly believe that. And the decision to work on your relationship is one of the most important decisions you can make. If you both choose to navigate your way through your difficulties, issues, or conflicts, I will commit to walking with you every step of the way.

Certified Music Integrated Therapist

I am also a certified Music Integrated Therapist. The possibility of using music in session means that you, the client, may choose to use ‘musicking’ as an alternative way to express yourself. From examining pre-existing lyrics to writing new ones to composing a new song, or reworking an old one, with my musical guidance and assistance, we can analyze your powerful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, in our combined efforts to find deeper understandings, meanings, and solutions, to your issues and conflicts.

Away from the therapeutic world, I am also married and have two teenage children. Besides my passion for working with people, I am also a self-taught musician. I play several instruments and can be found, in my off time, often playing, challenging myself to get even better.

As in music, what we learn in the therapeutic process requires nurturing and practice. We need to find faith that the process can work for us. My core belief is that you can change your life. In my view, coming into therapy is a brave act that should not be minimized. As a therapist, I look forward to meeting you as you take that first step forward in dealing with your issues, finding healing and trust, and how to empower yourself.

If this approach sounds like a good fit for you, please contact our intake specialist to start the intake process. You can do this by calling (204) 504-6976 or emailing us at info@mywinnipegtherapist.com.

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