Do you have your Masters in Counseling of Psychotherapy? We are looking to hire one Part-Time and one Full-Time Therapist.

Masters Therapy/Counseling Position

1 Part-Time Masters in Clinical Therapy

1 Full-Time Masters in Clinical Therapy

As a therapist, you know the kind of client’s you really love working with. You feel a high sense of satisfaction when you are able to connect with your clients and help them progress towards their goals. In other words, you LOVE being a therapist!

Are you interested in working at a private group practice whose mission is to provide the best care we can to our clients? We know, that’s an easy statement to make, but we are deeply committed to it. One of the ways My Winnipeg Therapist does this is by offering Advanced Clinical Supervision as a basic part of employment with us. We also offer monthly group supervision, and quarterly in house meetings with a professional development component. We want to help you grow professionally and enhance your skills so that our clients get the best care possible. It’s a win-win!

As a therapist, you know that a high quality working alliance between you and your client results in positive therapy outcomes. Well, we believe this is equally true for you with an employer. This is why it’s important to us to maintain a positive and supportive work environment for our therapy team who do such important work.

But let’s talk about you….

Maybe you’ve recently earned your Master’s degree and now you’re a psychotherapist who is working at their first therapy first job. You’re licensed, you’re ethical, you’ve gone though some training, and you’re pretty good with many different types of clients. But with a selective group of clients, you are GREAT!

The problem is in your current situation, you don’t get to work with the type of clients you work best with as much as you would like. In fact, there may be clients that you find challenging to remain as engaged and as motivated as you might like. What you want is to work with clients you feel most effective with, but right now that’s not happening.

Maybe you have a solo private practice and it’s not measuring up to what you thought it would be. Maybe you’re not getting the amount of clients you need or the income you expected. The truth is, at income tax time so many solo private practice therapists are surprised at how much more they thought they would make. How did that happen?

Maybe you’re someone who has really thought about the amount of time and costs of running a counselling business, and it’s not for you. You don’t want to manage a business, pay rent, do office administration, worry about advertising and marketing yourself, and deal with all the associated legal requirements and business expenses.

What you do want is a beautiful and welcoming office space to work in, some flexibility over your own schedule, support with building up your case load and finding, contacting, and booking clients, and to be supported and valued as an employee who is part of a collaborative team. You also want to work with clients who you feel you are best able to support.

You want to work as part of a team and get the support you need to grow both personally and professionally.

If this sounds good to you, then what you need is a private group practice. But not just any private group practice. At My Winnipeg Therapist, you don’t have to do any work on the business side. There’s several people doing the ‘back-end’ stuff for you. You only have to be the excellent therapist you trained to be.

And what’s more, you can be part of a therapy team that includes an experienced clinical supervisor and therapists who love to support each other as much as they love supporting their clients.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, send us your resume, and a cover letter. Tell us about the true you. And tell us why you think My Winnipeg Therapist would be a good fit for you.


Providing counselling in your areas of specialization

Keeping brief, accurate client records

Letters, reports and other documentation as required

regular individual supervision

Quarterly staff meeting

Monthly group supervision

Creating and maintaining client records in a timely manner


Masters degree in MFT, MSW, M.Ed. (counselling psychology) or related psychotherapy field (minimum 2 years)

Knowledge of key modalities of therapy


License: Family and Marriage Therapist preferred, social worker, Masters of Psychology, Canadian Certified Counsellor.


1 Part-Time position

1 Full-Time position


  • Part-Time (that can increase to full-time)


  • Providing high-quality therapeutic attention and treatment to clients

  • Responding to clients in a timely manner outside of therapy

  • Creating and maintaining clinical notes and other clinical records in a timely manner


  • Reception and administrative support

  • Marketing related to your area of specialization

  • Phone intake and appointment scheduling

  • Invoicing and billing done by admin.

  • Electronic Health Records system for your scheduling, clinical notes and client communication

  • Collaborative clinical setting

  • Paid bi-weekly


  • Hold a Masters in Social Work, Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy or Canadian Certified Counsellor

  • Must be registered or eligible for registration with your professional college

  • Have professional practice liability insurance (or able to obtain)

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge and advanced level of practice in clinical assessment and treatment models

  • Demonstrated ability to problem-solve complex situations and manage sensitive issues

  • Comprehensive knowledge and skill in a range of intervention modalities

  • Demonstrated skills working with diverse populations and presenting issues

  • Skilled at working with people with co-occurring mental health disorders

  • This position is subject to a Criminal Record Check, including Vulnerable Sector Search, an Adult Abuse Registry Check, and a Child Abuse Registry Check.