When you look in the mirror, you don’t like what you see. You don’t understand why anyone has anything to do with you. Most of the time you feel worthless and find it hard to trust your decisions.

Trauma (PTSD)

Looking for a Trauma Therapist for PTSD Treatment in Winnipeg? You find yourself stressed out, anxious, angry, afraid. Sometimes, your feelings are all over the place, and at times your reactions seem so strong they overtake you.


You find yourself stressed out and anxious more often than you’d like. And, you overthink. You worry about all kinds of things. And it’s wearing you out. You know you should be able to handle stuff, but things seem to be getting harder.


You’re feeling low. Somedays, it’s hard to get out of bed because you have no energy or motivation. You try to get going and do the things you need to do, but you can’t. Then, you get angry at yourself. That just makes you feel worse.

Couples Counselling

There’s always a little trouble in paradise but when these issues exceed you and your partner’s ability to fix together, it may be time to seek professional help.

Family Therapy

By forming stronger, healthier bonds with each other that are built on mutual love, trust, and respect, your family and its individual members become more empowered to deal with life’s challenges together.

Online Counselling

You want to start counselling. But, that’s not as easy as it sounds. You might live outside of Winnipeg. Or, you might live anywhere from Churchill to Emerson. It can be hard to find decent mental health resources available to you.

Let’s Connect Online & Get Started!

We are open! Providing in-office, video and phone counselling. You’re ready for counselling! Whether it’s for your child, your relationship or yourself, we’re here to help.