Get Professional Online Therapy from one of our Qualified Online Therapists in Winnipeg

We’re proud the say that we offered online counselling long before Covid restrictions causes therapy services to go online. Since 2015 we have offered online therapy as a way to offer more options for our clients who found in-person session inconvenient, or lived too far away.

Online counselling can be a great option for many reasons.

Do you live outside of Winnipeg? Maybe you don’t like having to drive to your appointment? Maybe it’s a mobility issue or health condition? Or you’re just feel more comfortable comfortable doing counselling from your home.

We remain committed to supporting the needs of our clients as much as we can. And are happy to set up online sessions for you with one of our therapists experienced in online therapy.

Common Reasons People Use Online Therapy

  • driving is too inconvenient or impossible

  • clients don’t have to cancel if they get sick

  • some people are unable to drive to a therapists office

  • some clients are more comfortable doing sessions at home

  • clients with disabilities or illness

How Does Virtual Therapy Work?

Online sessions are live, face-to-face interactions. You speak directly and privately with your therapist during your regularly arranged session time.

Our Telehealth platform is easy to use. You will receive an email for your session. That email will have a Link. All you have to do is click on that link at the time of your session. That’s it! Clicking on the Link automatically takes you to your online session.

You do not require a passwords or need to log in. The technology we use is encrypted so that your privacy is protected.

After you contact us and we set up your appointment, you’ll receive an email with a link to your online session.

“Click on the email link and your session starts! It’s that easy.”

Is Virtual Counselling Effective?

A recent study out of the University of Alberta, authored by Chelsia Jones, found that “digital therapy can be just as effective as in-person treatment.” However, what is most important is how you feel about online versus in-person sessions. There is still a high percentage of people who prefer in-person sessions and prefer to meet at the counsellors office when they can. There are also people for various reasons find it easier and more convenient to meet online. What matters the most is that it fits with that works best for you. And an article by the American Psychological Association, The Growing Wave online therapy, describes many benefits for clients.

How do I start online therapy in Manitoba?

If you’re ready to start online therapy, we’re happy to help you. You can book online, fill out the online form, or call us. Our Client Care Coordinator can answer your questions, see if one of our therapists might be a good fit, or help you start as soon as possible.

Services Offered at My Winnipeg Therapist

My Winnipeg Therapist offers a variety of mental health services. Our therapists offer specialized counselling for men and male youth, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment and trauma counselling, and low self-esteem counselling. Contact our Winnipeg counselling clinic today to get the help you need to move forward with confidence.