If you’ve got a problem that’s too much to solve on your own, seeking counselling can be one of the best decisions you can make.

I know that making the decision to go to counselling can be a really tough. And I do my best to make is as easy for you as I can. One thing I am known for is how dedicated I am to the clients I serve.

I will work at my absolute best to get you through your challenges. Definitely, you will receive compassion and support from me. But more than that, I strive to make therapy as pleasant an experience as I can for you.

Many clients have called me “kind and understanding.” I’m proud that that’s a part of who I am. And it makes me motivated to I work hard to fully understand what you are dealing with so that we can find the treatment solutions that work best for you.

As a therapist using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), I assist you through therapy to work though mental and emotional, and relationship difficulties.

The difficulties you face can have a significant impact on how you feel, what you think and how you behave. Unhelpful thinking patterns have probably made you feel worse, think more negatively and do things that are probably not always good for you. Through CBT, I help us understand that process and change it for the better. CBT gets at the core of our thinking, identifying problem thoughts and how to change them. That improves how we feel, and what we choose to do when we choose to do when we think and feel better.

When you come to therapy, I’ll listen carefully to get a clear understand of what you are dealing with. We look at the link between your thoughts and what you have been dealing with. And we’ll look at how your feelings are affected, your body’s physical reactions, and your behaviour.

A key feature of CBT is to help identify and reduce negative thinking. And that leads to you feeling better. When negative thinking is reduced, it’s easier to make decisions. You become better at solving problems.

CBT is a therapeutic approach that is effective with sereral mental health and relationship issues. And I have provided effective treatment to many clients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, struggles with self-esteem, anger, and grief.

I’d be honoured to support you in makeing the changes you want.

Contact our Client Care Coordinator at 2040-504-6976 or emailing us at info@mywinnipegtherapist.com.