Relationships Issues

Relationships are an important part of a healthy life, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always simple to create and maintain them. Relationships can go wrong, and when they do, the consequences for both partners can be painful and long-lasting. Instead of allowing a bad situation to get worse, choose to get help, today. As your relationship therapist, I will I help you find healthy solution that makes you feel closer.

Do You Need Relationship or Couples Counselling?

Unhealthy relationships can have a tremendous effect on your health and life enjoyment. Few problems in your life have the power to create stress and injure self-confidence like a relationship that is not working. Close relationships are important to our sense wellbeing and connection , so when,there is conflict and bad feelings, you feeling uncared for and alone. This can lead to depression and many other serious problems.

Signs that there are problems in your relationships:

  • Increased friction or fighting
  • Spending Less time together
  • There’s little or no intimacy
  • Focus more on work or kids than the relationship
  • Thinking about cheating or threats of cheating

These are all problems that can end a relationship, but it’s not too late.I offer marriage counselling and general relationship counselling to strengthen your relationship.

A Relationship Therapist in Winnipeg Can Help

You learn how to solve problems in a productive way and how to form a healthy relationship. If there are problems in your current relationship, you and your partner learn skills and techniques to address the specific issues in your relationship. Through psychotherapy, I can address the root causes of the friction in the relationship, creating a stronger, more fulfilling relationship for both of you.

When possible, I like to work with both partners in couples counselling, so that I can address the issues that both partners are having. That’s not always possible, though. It’s not rare for only one partner to begin treatment before the other is ready, or for one partner to resolve their issues in therapy and bring those ideas and strategies back to the other partner.

Choose Relationship Counselling in Winnipeg Today

You know that waiting longer won’t help. So get help with your relationship problems, today. Contact my office using the listed number or the form here on our website. I look forward to hearing from you.