Self Esteem

Feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt are signs of a serious problem. Low self-esteem has a way of interfering with all parts of your life. The feelings of anger, shame and doubt that appear can make it difficult to form relationships, succeed professionally or simply enjoy a full life.

Feelings of low self-esteem are not ‘earned’ or ‘deserved’. They are unhealthy thoughts and feelings that further limit your ability to manage the things about yourself that you do want to change or improve. Take back control of your life, and rediscover what it’s like to feel good about yourself and who you are with self-esteem therapy.

Is it Time for Self-Esteem Counselling?

You should consider self-esteem therapy when feelings of low self-esteem begin to impact your daily activities, relationships, and work life. These feelings may make you highly-susceptible to self-doubt and self-criticism. Untreated it can lead to depression, anxiety and other problems.

Have you or a loved one experienced any of the following:

  • an’t really connect with others; feel alone
  • Self-conscious in social situations
  • Please others while ignoring own needs
  • Feel less-than, not good enough
  • Afraid to share your own thoughts
  • Uncomfortable with compliments

These signs can all point to a serious need for self-esteem counselling.

Understanding Therapy for Low Self-Esteem

Self-doubt and poor self-confidence can be addressed through different types of therapy for self-esteem, depending on the source of the negative feelings. In some cases, you may need to work to remove yourself from a toxic places and relationships in order to reclaim your self-esteem. Psychotherapy (Or, talk therapy) has been shown to be effective at treating poor self-esteem and increasing self-confidence . I use psychotherapy to treat low self-esteem and teach the skills and tools to be a more positive and confident you.

Choose Self-Esteem Counselling in Winnipeg

If you’re interested in self-esteem counselling, create a profile and schedule an appointment for a free 20-minute consultation. I would love to help you feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Get therapy for low self-esteem now.