Counseling for Teens in Winnipeg

Being a teenager is one of the best times of our lives, but it is also one of the most turbulent. Our teen years are a time of big change. We undergo the transition to adulthood while dealing with the emotional effects of our hormones.

At My Winnipeg Therapist, we help teens aged 16 and up to deal with the rollercoaster that is their journey from being a child to becoming an adult. The emotional stresses of teenagers might seem insignificant to some adults, but it doesn’t mean these feelings aren’t real and present for your teen right now. By supporting your teen through therapy, you help them gain the coping skills and tools they need to lead a happy and fruitful adult life.

What Counseling Can Do for Your Teen

Counseling sessions give teenagers a safe space to discuss their problems. Let’s face it- sometimes teens may not want to talk to their parents about personal issues. This doesn’t necessarily mean your teen doesn’t trust you. It just means they need professional help to unpack complex emotions.

Teenagers will have little experience dealing with the situations they face and may feel overwhelmed. When this happens, a professional therapist can step in and help them reassess their feelings and use healthy coping skills to deal with their problems.

How Therapy Helps Teenagers

Therapy is proven to be effective in helping teens with the following issues.

Self-esteem: Many people suffer from self-esteem issues, but this problem is more prevalent for teens who tend to be more sensitive to peer pressure. Add to that the fact that teens are just beginning to form their sense of self and it’s no surprise why teenagers are especially vulnerable to stresses on their self-esteem. Depending on demographics they belong to, some teens may be more prone to self esteem issues. A good therapist can help address this before it hurts your teen for a longer time.

Depression:When teens are depressed, the way they see the world becomes warped as depression makes them believe that they are unworthy of love, happiness, or success. They become more sensitive to perceived slights and laughing with them reads in their minds as being laughed at. This is why our team of qualified therapists utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address depression. This form of therapy straightens out cognitive distortions that make your teen depressed.

Identity issues: Teens are still figuring out their place in the world and what it means to be themselves. At this stage in their life, they may be worried over their future roles as adults. Your teen may also begin questioning their sexual orientation and gender. Societal prejudices can be rough on teens coming to terms with their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE).But by giving your teen access to a therapist who can help them navigate these internal and external conflicts, they are better able to recover from depression.

Anger management: Stress makes people angry and this is something that teenagers can struggle with. While your teen may be only exhibiting anger problems, there’s a chance that they may be going through more. Anger problems tend to mask teen depression and other underlying mental health issues. Enlisting the help of a psychologist to deal with anger management issues your teen faces opens the door to uncovering these hidden mental health problems.

Trauma: Sadly, not even youth protects us from the tragedies that occur seemingly out of nowhere in the course of one’s life. Sudden changes and unexpected events may cause trauma in your teen. Everyone handles trauma differently and a skilled counselor here at My Winnipeg Therapist can identify the best coping methods for your teen.

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At My Winnipeg Therapist, we have a team of highly trained mental health professionals who can help your teen develop the emotional skill set they need t overcome their psychological troubles. We use scientifically proven techniques to treat anger management problems, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, trauma and many more mental health concerns.

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